Whai.ie is a new and comprehensive tool that greatly supplements more traditional business catalogues and search engines. By eliminating all the irrelevant information and focusing on the information businessmen are actually looking for, and by employing a clean and functional design philosophy, even the not so internet savvy will find the website both informative and intuitive. At last the full scope of important information, without any “information noise” is available to you.

What kind of data does Whai.ie provide ?

Whai.ie is a huge database of information regarding small businesses in the Republic of Ireland. Each company has a detailed profile page that includes a wide range of information – complete address data, annual reports, date of founding, changes in company leadership, business trends and more. If you need real, in depth knowledge you’ve come to the right place – you can see company history, employment history and submissions history. You can, if you’re interested, follow the company history of CRO submissions – the wealth of information is there for you.

The website is directed at both the professionals and those without specialist knowledge, though thanks to a highly accessible design the latter can, arguably, benefit more from it – you won’t need any extra training with either finding the relevant information or interpreting it.

Irish Company Search

Whai.ie is a work in progress website – this means the team behind it is constantly working on improving the quality of data already provided as well as on implementing new information.

Whether you are a small business owner willing to get the scoop on your competition in terms of scale of business, or the competition closest to you – you will find what you’re looking for on Whai.ie. Using our website to check on the history of companies you want to cooperate with is also a viable strategy. Finally, you might simply be curious how the local economy is doing, and what better way of checking that out is there than looking at the small businesses in the area.