Ireland Stats

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A few months back it came to us that there is no single site in the Irish Web that may help parents pick the school for their kids. Obviously, there are educational portals with tons of tips on how to choose the school, etc., but none of these presented the information aggregated in one place. For that reason, we decided to launch Ireland Stats.


What makes the website unique is the fact that it becomes the ultimate source of information on Ireland’s schools. Taking a parent’s perspective, the data shown on IS is usually sufficient to make them choose a particular school or not.

At Ireland Stats, every parent may easily check the most relevant information on each and every school across the country. And we mean every single school – ranging from primary through secondary and special schools (

Coming back to data – you’d be able to see how many students are there at the moment. Other than that, the data is presented in historical perspective, too. For instance, you can check how many students were there in the past. In addition, you can see the current and historical gender breakdown at the school or even data on student/teacher ratio. Also, users may check the most essential data on the facility, like its contact information, location, or even the name of the headmaster.


Apart from creating the ultimate source of information on Ireland’s educational facilities, we tried to present data in a truly simple and user-friendly way. Every page is full of graphs and tables so that the users won’t need to worry about dealing with larger chunks of texts when it’s unnecessary.