Culture can be expressed and conveyed in many ways. Literature, art, music, popular culture –
these are the common carriers of culture, we all know of them and no one should be surprised
here. But what about the less common ones? What if, in some cultures, what we consider to be
common is uncommon? What if there are cultures that treat seriously what you and your culture
don’t pay much attention to?
Here is one of those aspects most people won’t give a second thought but one that is extremely
interesting and varied – interior decoration.
Those were the times of magic and taboo, times when colours and symbols were assigned
supernatural powers or meanings. Times when everything was connected to the metaphysical
side of life. Back then, the colour of your house or the symbols you painted on it people believed
had more than a symbolic meaning, they were magical. Some protected those living in the
house, others brought good luck, some drove away evil. You had to use the correct one or the
consequences, not only supernatural but also for example, angry neighbours, could be dire.
Nowadays it’s fairly simple and easy to choose and switch the décor as it serves a purely
cosmetic function. Re-paint your walls to whatever colour you want, put some stickers on them,
change it all again a week later – and it’s all good. Go to a site like wall murals and there are
so many options to choose from or compose your own personal interior, it’s mind boggling. The
freedom to choose is yours and the only limits are your imagination and unfortunately, your