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A new e-platform – – was created with a view to providing a comprehensive overview of schools in England. It is the one and only site that brings you both present and historical information about nursery, primary, secondary and high school education in both a visually attractive and user-friendly way. is your number one choice to quickly check out each and every school in England, compare educational facilities all over the country as well as get all the necessary statistics showing important data about a particular educational institution.


In fact, every aspect related to education is touched upon in a detailed way on the website. Hence, there is no need to expand your research to other sites at all. First of all, you get to know the basic data about a given school such as: adddress, the name of a headteacher, school type, the number of students, gender distribution, school reference numbers, the name and id of local authority governing a given educational insitution and the dates of OFSTED regulatory visits.

With you can easily view the statistics showing the school achievements and pupils’ examination results in the past and current years. The reason behind the stats is simple – to present the quality of education and students’ progress over the years in every school. The data gathered neatly in tables, depicted on diagrams and shown via graphs clearly illustrate how the school performance figures look like at the country, the region, the county and the city level. Below there is an exemplary table and diagram presenting the percentage of students achieving Level 4 or above in both English and Mathematics in Ravensdale Junior School.

percentage of students achieving level 4

With you get a lot more information than just the percentage of students achieving a particular education level in English or Maths. You can easily find out all data concerning school spendings per pupil which will give you the idea of how much money is allocated to what ends and which aspects of education are prioritized or oversighted in the school expenditures. See the table below for more detailed information.

spend per pupil

Furthermore, the website shares valuable knowledge about students attending a particular school. Thanks to you get pupils’ profile for each and every educational facility. So you see what percentage of students has been diagnosed to have special educational needs, or for how many learners English is not the first language, and even the amount of students benefiting from free meals.

Student data

THE BOTTOMLINE is an inexhaustible source of infomation on nursery, primary, secondary and high school education in England both for past and present years. The site not only addresses every school at a local angle but takes a broader perspective as well as synthetic overivew while presenting schooling institutions around the country. It focuses on absolutely all aspects of education which will help you to pick the best educational facility available.