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DecoPlanet starts a revolution in interior design world

There is no denying that we pay a lot of attention to our surroundings and we want our homes to make us feel good, safe, and aesthetically satisfied. Adhesive wall decorations have become a fun and affordable way to customize the walls and instantly change the look of any room. On the top of that, they are extremely easy to apply and remove, which means that you do not need to hire a renovation team anytime you want to spice up the look of your apartment.

DecoPlanet is a market leader in the field of custom-made wall decorations ranging from stickers, wall murals, splashbacks, to printed canvas and many more. Its extensive collection of over 20 million carefully selected prints, graphics, graffitis, photos and drawings is a goldmine of ideas for budding interior designers or home-grown decorators. It has something for everyone, from peaceful panoramas and cityscapes, through celebrity images, wonders of nature, giant flower buds, bamboo, juicy fruit, coffee, animals, cartoon characters, to abstract graphics, inspiring maxims and 3D tunnels which will accentuate personal taste and character of the residents.

Many of us have a limited space in their apartments which makes it almost impossible to add a designer couch, fancy lamp, or a statement sculpture to touch up a room. It is even less possible in the bathrooms and kitchens where comfort and efficient use of space are the most valued. However, you do not need to resign from decorative elements only because you do not have room for them, as DecoPlanet’s decorative wall materials hardly take up any space, but they do make a huge impact. They can transform a plain looking bathroom into a paradise beach, a boring bedroom into a sanctuary of sleep, or a neutral apartment into a luxurious suite. For minimalists, DecoPlanet offers a collection of wallpapers imitating brick or stone walls and eye-catching black and white printed graphics. DecoPlanet’s decorations can be applied not only on the walls, but also on the cabinets, closet doors, furniture and home appliances.

DecoPlanet’s offer consists of murals perfect for living rooms, glass splashbacks that will change any kitchen past all recognition, wall stickers which successfully add an element of surprise, acrylic panels which will look amazing in even the tiniest of bathrooms, as well as printed canvas, dibond, and PVC. All wall decorations manufactured at DecoPlanet’s production hall are printed with the highest possible resolution and extreme attention to detail with the use of the most high-end equipment certified by Canon, HP and 3M in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients. All wall decorations also follow strict environmental health and safety standards and they do not pose any risks to humans or domestic animals.

At DecoPlanet graphic artists, interior designers and manufacturing specialists work closely together to create stunning, impressive, and surprising decorating solutions for your home. You can give your interiors the wow factor they truly deserve without maxing out your credit card or hiring an interior designer.