Checkdirector – Business Directory Taken to the Next Level

Director checkEven if we’re living in the information age, users still find it difficult to easily check key business information on the web. When looking for data about company structures and top executives, average web users usually turn to their search engines – and those tend to provide them with a selection of online business directory pages which are rarely user-friendly. is different because of the attention its creators pay to user experience. The clear layout and understandable user interface only help to conduct a thorough director check and find the desired company information. As its name suggests, is a platform devoted to bringing key company information to regular internet users – starting with the names of top executives and mangers working at organizations located in the UK.

It’s enough to type the name of a company or person to generate a comprehensive list of results. Choosing one, users will be able to access a full manager profile, featuring some general information about the person, their age, date of birth, nationality and address. Users can find out when this person became appointed as the managing director of a company and when they resigned from the post. Those who are curious about this person’s career will see their work history and their main co-wrokers – including periods of time when they’ve worked together.

Moreover, provides users access to a host of company details, including its full name, address, category and Sic code, as well as a selection of company filings of the organization featuring its annual return and full list of members.

It’s clear that is an excellent source for a variety of company data, helping users to gain an idea about the company and its leadership. But how can this kind of data be actually used? From journalists writing detailed industry reports based on market research to researchers developing a study about a sector, the opportunities for using this kind of detailed company data are multiple and varied.

But regular UK consumers can also benefit from this source – for instance, when applying for a job at the company or checking whether the organization is a trustworthy one. Professionals can ensure that a company and its executives are solid partner candidates and check the financial situation of their main competitors.

It seems that is exactly what UK citizens were waiting for. It’s simpler than any other business directory available on the web and users will find it easy to navigate the website and quickly get the information they need. takes the concept of online business directory to the next level by showing that such a platform can be both easy to understand and exhaustive in scope.