An innovative online business directory BizDb steps in is an enhanced alternative to traditional business catalogues or simple Internet search engines. Its creators fused these two research tools and improved on them by expanding business database and refining the search tool options. Despite the enlarged content and more sophisticated tool, the design remains simple and functional for an average Internet user.


What is there in a profile

BizDb is an easily navigable online business database comprising data about all the existing companies in the UK. Whether the company is big or small, you will find all its contact data in a fully developed profile. Following a general description of the company, detailed information on its trademarks is given. Below that, a financial section follows, starting with a graph visualising its overall market performance over the years. The economic part comprises of the company’s profit and loss, balance sheet, capital and reserves, and additional financial data. At the bottom of every profile, information on the company staff is presented and a list of its account’s data documents closes each report.

Company's profile

The devil is in the details

BizDb differs from standard business databases in that it provides more detailed information on a number of various aspects. Starting with contact data, BizDb does not limit itself to the basic addresses and phone numbers but provides also names of company directors, emails, updated legal status and official company websites. It also helps to localise the firms using Google Maps and Google Street View and lists other enterprises in the vicinity. Such complete data facilitate the access to small businesses which are usually hard to find due to the lack of their own websites. Both big and small companies are not only easier to access but also open to your scrutiny of their economic thriving thanks to thorough financial statistics gathered on a year by year basis.

All is up-to-date

Apart from providing comprehensive entries of all the UK companies, BizDb keeps track of their history and change rendering the profiles up-to-date and even more in-depth. Both past and current company names, trademarks and their official websites are listed, and the company age and economic status are updated. Annual reports on the enterprises’ economic situation are the basis of up-to-date cross-sections of their market performance. Recording all the past information allows to reach a company by its former name, find it online or check whether it still exists or not.

search companies

Search options

BizDb proposes two fast and efficient ways of finding a company. The first is a refined search engine equipped with intelligent filters. These make it possible to find firms not only by their names but also by their location by town or postal code, category and status. In addition to that, a SIC code filter allows you to find companies by their economic branch or quickly check which field a particular company works in. The second search option is an A-Z and numerical list of all the registred enterprises. This way is particularly useful if you forgot the company’s full current name and only remember its first letter.

BizDb is an innovative comprehensive online business database keeping track of all the companies in the UK, big and small ones alike. It uses an effcient companies search engine and provides up-to-date information on both their contact data and legal status, and their financial situation. Easy to use and inclusive of all the necessary data, it allows you not only to find a company but also to assess its overall market performance independently on the basis of annual statistics.