Access to key Australian business data now available thanks to AuBiz

It’s clear that constant and easy access to the internet radically changed the ways in which consumers search for information. Web users expect publicly-available business data to be within their reach on countless internet platforms. Unfortunately, most often these directories are complex and feature data which is fragmentary or outdated.
Users interested to learn more about the Australian market can now access all key business data in a single place. Researching Australian companies is now a piece of cake thanks to the functional and user-friendly directory called AuBiz.

AuBiz addresses this important consumer need by providing users with key data about all kinds of companies located and operating in Australia. Researching companies on the platform, users gain access to accurate and constantly updated information about the Australian market collected from a number of reliable public sources. The smart search engine helps to search companies through different criteria – the company name, Australian Company Number (ACN), Australian Business Number (ABN) or a host of other options – for instance the company’s status, type, class and subclass.

With just a few clicks, users are able to trace key company data on well-structured company profiles filled with information important to any business search. On each and every company profile, AuBiz offers a detailed description of the business, showing when it was registered and what is its location. Profiles feature detailed information about the company’s trademarks – for every trademark, users can see its registration date, current status and in-depth description.

Who can benefit from this kind of information? Clearly, anyone who needs information about any Australian company. It can be a potential business partner or future employer – users ranging from businessmen to job seekers can now check key company data without having to lose time over making sense of complex internet databases. Businessmen need to know how many companies out there offer similar products or services before making any important financial decision. Moreover, those interested in conducting a thorough market research can start with this objective source of information as well. Best of all, all information featured on AuBiz is available entirely free of charge.

AuBiz proves practical to different users as a smart ABN lookup tool, helping consumers and businessmen to learn more about companies on the Australian market and assess whether they’re trustworthy.

What sets AuBiz apart is the emphasis on usability and user experience. The platform’s creators clearly had a regular internet user mind – one who doesn’t have the time to look through countless sub-pages and illegible data sets. With AuBiz, users can easily access key data about companies operating in Australia – and understand it at a glance.