About TCC

Ireland is a place where cultural influences from all around the globe are juxtaposed. And this rings true even though our society is not a salad bowl like the American one. Gone are the years of people’s movements but the resulting mixed ancestry still affects us a lot.


We believe that writing is one of the aspects where cultural influences are most visible. You certainly know the feeling of reading a text in the Irish Web and seeing it as loaded with negative emotions. Well, as it often turns out, the author may not necessarily intend to convey any bad feelings. In fact, they might just have been deeply rooted in their own cultural construct that is not understandable for others.



NCNM is an Irish interactive agency delivering IT and Internet Marketing Services to online businesses and entrepreneurs from virtually every industry and most diverse market sensitivities. We are ready to take up any online challenge, ranging from building a website focused on Ireland’s schooling system to creating a platform letting authors post their texts. We are compiling a web portfolio for potential clients to show the scope and range of  work we can undertake.




Here, at Texts Contexts and Cultures we’ll be trying to give text from the Irish Web a close look. We’ll examine texts from all around the Internet. This time, it will be different. No coming back to school to do the grammar or spelling check. Instead, we intend to make it totally different. We’ll try to see what pushed the author to write the text in that certain way.




No matter if you’re passionate about rugby, modern Irish drama, or even politics, Texts Contexts and Cultures is the place for you! If you’re just from Ireland and strive to share your views on a certain topic, you’re more than welcome to join the debate! Your age, sex, ancestry won’t matter at all.

Be a part of our community and make the cultural kaleidoscope even richer!


Becoming a member of the Texts Contexts and Cultures community is also a great choice for any writer. Our site is made along the latest Google Quality Guidelines which ensures its good position in search results. For you, as a budding or professional author, it means better recognition of your name. Nice boost for your career, isn’t it?